Treat Metals Contaminated Soil With Blastox® 215

What is Metals Contaminated Soil?

Metals Contaminated soils are large plots of land that have heavy metals mixed into the soil itself making that area hazardous.

Blastox® 215 can solve all your problems related to contaminated soil in soil remediation projects. It is a simple and extremely effective process and product that is promised to preform expectations and beyond! You can apply it at low dose rates and have peace of mind knowing that the heavy metal waste will remain stable, always. Blastox® 215 is one of a kind product with many years of success and countless projects completed to regulations. Because of its effectiveness, it’s been used successfully on thousands of tons of heavy metal contaminated soil. Its chemistry has a proven long-term stability benefit.

Blastox® 215

  • Used on thousands of tons of heavy metal contaminated soil
  • Long-term stability 
  • Apply at low dose rates
  • Waste remains stable always
Metals Contaminated Soil

Its smaller particle size provides for more reactive surface which is beneficial when stabilizing heavy metals. It is a complex calcium silicate-based additive for stabilizing heavy metals like:

  • Lead 
  • Cadmium

Applications include heavy metal-contaminated soil treatment, brass spent molding sand stabilization and furnace emissions waste stabilization.

With many years of use and success, Blastox® 215 is an innovative and effective product with a promise of performance.

metals contaminated Soil

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