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For more than 30 years, TDJ has assisted in Lead Contamination in Soil, lead paint sandblasting, and metal casting (ferrous & nonferrous) industries in the stabilization of heavy metal contaminated wastes. Millions of tons of industrial waste have been safely stabilized using our chemistries, and more than 150,000,000 square feet of lead paint has been removed using TDJ chemical abrasive additives. TDJ chemistries are the industry model for safe, cost-effective solutions for heavy metal wastes.

Lead Contamination in Soil

Multiple Formulations Effectively Treat Most RCRA 8 Metals Pass TCLP, SPLP and MEP tests with low dosage rates Provides superior long-term stability versus common pH adjusting reagents.

Our knowledgeable management and staff possess degrees including PhDs, MBAs, MSs, BSs and CPAs. We are prepared to be your experienced resource on your next metals stabilization project. To help illustrate this, we offer complimentary educational webinars that provide insights into a wide range of Lead Contamination in Soil topics.

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Lead Contamination in Soil

Blastox 215 Process

1) Determine dosage rate by submitting total metals and TCLP analytical results, or we can run a complimentary treatability study on your samples of Lead Contamination in Soil to verify dosage

2) Calculate quantity of Blastox® needed for the soil mass to be treated

3) Using spout bottom, directly apply product to soil

4) Mix to achieve sufficient distribution throughout soil

5) Perform confirmatory TCLP test

6) Dispose of treated soil as non-hazardous for significant savings

What is Blastox 215 Lead Contamination in Soil

Blastox® 215 is a dry, fine grain silicate chemistry listed as US EPA Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT) for stabilizing Lead Contamination in Soil, such as lead (Pb). This product is also extremely effective on cadmium, barium, zinc and copper contaminated waste streams.

Blastox® 125 is a dry, fine grain silicate chemistry that is enhanced to be able to treat chromium, arsenic and selenium. ChromeTox is a dry, fine grain chemistry that is designed to specifically target high levels chromium. Customized blends for unique applications (i.e., pH modification) or particle sizing variations are available to suit all of your heavy metal stabilization needs.