Metals Contaminated Soil Remediation

firing ranges

Lead Management for Firing Ranges
Key characteristics affecting lead migration at firing ranges and some recommended best practices for lead management and Environmental Impact at Operating Ranges. (full post)

Soil Remediation Case Study
A developer near Detroit, MI wanted to redevelop a property. The only problem was the site used to be a junk yard and had high levels of lead contamination over a large portion of the site. (full post)

soil remediation

Comparison of Lead Management Reagents
Chemical fixation can be used to prevent leaching of lead on soil remediation projects. Different reagents are available which can stabilize lead, however different reagents required different cure times and addition of moisture. (full post)

Lead Paint Abatement

lead paint removal cost

Lead Paint Removal Cost
The Blastox blend is $259 per ton. The regular abrasive is $105 per ton. So, you’ll see it costs $154 more upfront for Blastox. But, you need to include the cost of transportation and the disposal rate to get a true comparison. (full post)

lead management

One Step Lead Paint Abatement
With Blastox® one step solution, there is no mixing, metering or additional application steps needed at the job site when using this technology. Also, you will not incur additional labor costs that other lead paint abatement techniques require.  (full post)

Proper Sampling of a Waste Pile
Regardless of waste type, all of TDJ Chemistries have been performance tested & validated for long-term stability by EPA, Federal Highway Administration and the US Department of Defense.

Foundry Waste Stabilization

lead management

Testing Methods for Foundry Baghouse Lead Management
Bantox® has successfully stabilized over 1,000,000 tons of hazardous waste in the ferrous and non-ferrous industries. These include foundry, smelter and scrap processing operations.  (full post)

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