Industrial Waste Stabilization

Bantox ® is a proprietary formulation of calcium silicates. It has served as our base chemical platform, allowing us to develop multiple product lines and many patents that serve a wide range of industries. Bantox® stabilized waste complies not only with TCLP standards, but also with MEP (Multiple Extraction Procedure that EPA uses for long-term stability), SPLP and fresh water leach tests. For decades, silicates have stabilized heavy metals.

Bantox ® stabilizes heavy metals through multiple mechanisms:

1) pH adjustment

2) chemical reactions

3) encapsulation

Bantox® also meets the definition of US EPA’s Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT) for the industrial waste stabilization of lead wastes. Other chemical enhancements can be added to treat difficult industrial waste streams, or chromium, selenium and arsenic waste streams.

Bantox ® chemical features allow it to be used at lower dose rates than the competition. When you combine these low dose rates with our competitive pricing and superior customer service, it’s easy to see why most many companies prefer Bantox®.

Bantox® has successfully stabilized over 1,000,000 tons of hazardous waste in the ferrous and non-ferrous industries. These include foundry, smelter and scrap processing operations. Lead and cadmium tend to be the hazardous elements of concern in this waste. Bantox can stabilize chromium, selenium and arsenic waste.

Adding Bantox® to your process at an optimal location will eliminate the need for any type of regulatory treatment permit, thus eliminating the requisite record keeping, reporting & training typically required to operate a hazardous waste treatment operation. Bantox® is typically applied through a metering device or dispenser that ensures consistent & accurate delivery into the waste stream. For more information on Bantox ®, please click on the Technical Literature menu on the right side of this page.