What is Lead Paint Abatement?

Lead paint abatement is the process of abrasive blasting lead paint and encapsulating the lead particles rendering them non-hazardous. Blastox® has been used to successfully stabilize over 150,000,000 square feet of lead based paint. This success is owed to the One Step application of Blastox®, our dry patented granular, complex calcium silicate-based blasting abrasive additive. Since its available pre-blended with various media throughout North America, it is ready for application once the blended media reach your job-site for lead paint removal.

How Does Blastox Work?

There is no mixing, metering or additional application steps needed at the job site when using this technology. Also, you will not incur additional labor costs that other lead paint abatement techniques require. The spent abrasive waste can be tested via TCLP to classify the waste as non-hazardous once blasted.

It’s been approved by the Federal Highway Administration and as well as most state DOTs. Many industrial engineers specify it by name. For more information on One Step lead paint abatement, please click on the Technical Literature menu on the right side of this page. Blastox®, as well as other TDJ chemistries is a complex calcium silicate based product.

Blastox®, like other TDJ chemistries is a complex calcium silicate based product. It stabilizes heavy metals with a simple process and through multiple mechanisms:

Multiple Mechanisms

1) pH adjustment
2) Chemical Reactions
3) Encapsulation

Blastox® stabilized waste complies not only with TCLP standards, but also with:
* MEP *SPLP *Fresh water leach tests

Blastox Process

1) Test paint coatings via TCLP for lead levels.
2) If lead is present in your paint, you can order Blastox pre-blended abrasives from your local distributor.
3) Pre blended abrasive with Blastox will arrive on site and you blast just like a normal project. Proper containment is still required for lead paint removal.
4) After blasting the coatings with Blastox, you will need to send samples of the waste for further testing.
5) Blastox will work through the three mechanisms mentioned and will not generate a hazardous waste.
6) Blastox will allow you to dispose of your paint waste as a non-hazardous waste. This is due to the stabilization reactions preventing the leaching of the heavy metals.


  • One Step Application
  • Pre-blended with various media
  • Ready to use on site when delivered
  • After use, waste is tested via TCLP to classify as non-hazardous
  • Can dispose as non-hazardous

Landfills with heavy metals have been stabilizing for decades using silicates. Blastox® also meets the definition of US EPA’s Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT) for lead abatement wastes and lead paint abatement.

Product Description: Blastox® is a granular, complex dry granular calcium silicate-based blasting abrasive additive used for lead paint abatement during sand blasting applications.