Case Study: Soil Remediation Involving Heavy Metal Contamination

Location: Former Auto Assembly Plant St. Louis, MO heavy metal contaminationBlastox Warranty

Project Info: 10,000 tons of lead contaminated soil in excess of 100 mg/l TCLP

Companies that stabilized the lead: TDJ Group and J Carpenter Environmental 

heavy metal contamination
Former Auto Assembly Plant In St. Louis, MO

Product used to stabilize the lead: BLASTOX® used at 4% dose rate to stabilize


After use of Blastox®,the contractor was able to dispose of the soil in a non-hazardous landfill saving them lots of money.

Lead solder, e-coat, and related lead bearing manufacturing debris were buried in several areas and caused heavy metal contamination in excess of 100 mg/l TCLP.

The general contractor that dismantled the plant and removed subsurface structures, was also contracted to remediate
contaminated soil.

Prior to modern waste disposal regulations, the assembly plant dug trenches on the plant property and used them to burn debris and bury waste.

J Carpenter Environmental and TDJ Group did treatability work with Blastox® and found that the dose rate to stabilize the lead was only 4%.

Blastox® is in the photo in the white bulk bags. The product is spread over the contaminated area then mixed in well with the soil causing a chemical reaction where Blastox® will bond with the lead and encapsulating it to render it non-hazardous and non-leachable.


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