Vapor Blasting and Blastox

Does Vapor Blasting Work Using Blastox?

TDJ and Graco worked together to prove the efficacy of using Blastox® in the EcoQuip® vapor blasting system. TDJ provided Graco with a quantity of Blastox® to run a series of tests. Below are their results:

  1. A pre-test of the Blastox® material was performed by adding water with garnet into a bucket to see if it would harden. The material did NOT harden and seems to settle to the bottom.
  2. Two (2), Five (5) gallon pails of blended abrasive was loaded into EcoQuip® skid system.
  3. Media was blasted using a #8 nozzle connected to a 50 ft. 1 1/4″ hose.
  4. Varying flow rates were tested. 10 cycles per minute of media consumption at 60psi up to 12 cycles per minute at 140psi.
vapor blasting

Conclusion: Blastox® blended abrasives are compatible with Graco’s EcoQuip® Vapor Blasting Systems.


  1. Material should be cleaned out of vapor blasting pot before the end of every 8 hour shift and inspected.
  2. Follow operating procedures in the service manual for cleaning.

Blastox ® One Step Lead Paint Abatement

Blastox® has been used to successfully stabilize over 150,000,000 square feet of lead based paint. This success is owed to the One Step application of Blastox®. Since its available pre-blended with various media including vapor blasting systems throughout North America, it is ready for application once the blended media reach your job-site for lead paint removal.

It’s been approved by the Federal Highway Administration and as well as most state DOTs. Many industrial engineers specify it by name. Blastox®, as well as other TDJ chemistries is a complex calcium silicate based product.

vapor blasting


  • One Step Application
  • Pre-blended with various media
  • Ready to use on site when delivered
    • No additional labor
  • Used with vapor blasting systems
  • Been used successfully over 150,000,000 square feet of lead paint
  • After use, waste is tested via TCLP to classify as non-hazardous
  • Can dispose as non-hazardous

For more information visit our product page: Blastox One Step Lead Abatement