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This presentation will cover the following topics for Heavy Metal Soil Remediation Projects: 


  • Application and Mixing Techniques

  • Testing Methods

  • Stabilization Reactions

  • Heavy Metal Solubility

  • Cost Savings Using Blastox®


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Who We Are

The TDJ Group is a pioneer, an innovator and leader in the development of chemistries used for industrial waste treatment. We manufacturer a cost-effective, proprietary chemical, that is used to stabilize heavy metal wastes for a wide range of industry, including soil remediation.

Soil Remediation With Blastox® 215

Blastox® 215 is a calcium silicate-based additive for stabilizing heavy metals including lead and cadmium. Applications include heavy metal-contaminated soil treatment and other industrial projects.remediation

  • Used on thousands of tons of heavy metal contaminated soil
  • Simple use of mixing into soil
  • Long-term stability
  • Applied at low does rates
  • Waste always remains stable
  • Save you time and money making soil non-hazardous
  • Protects the environment from contamination

More information here: Blastox® 215

Years of Proven Use

Here at The TDJ Group, we specialize in performance grade work and the function of our product with simple use.

We have been a top product in our market for over 30 years and assisted the metal casting industry, lead paint sandblasting and soil remediation in stabilization of heavy metals. We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to satisfy our customer and keep your satisfaction as a top priority.

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