Metals Treatment Technologies

What are Metals Treatment Technologies?

TDJ’s metals treatment technologies work with lead paint stabilization, soil stabilization and foundry applications. With the modern day progressing in hazardous waste treatment, we are constantly trying to find new ways to innovate and eliminate such problems. With the occurrence of recent lead stabilization issues, TDJ Group uses a chemically engineered product (Blastox®) to stabilize lead and other heavy metals with a one step process.

TDJ Group: How Do We Treat Metals?

Lead Paint, Soil & Foundry

Sand Blasting: One Step Lead Paint Stabilization With Blastox®

Blastox® has been used to successfully stabilize over 150,000,000 square feet of lead based paint. This lead paint abatement success is owed to the One Step application of Blastox®. Since its available pre-blended with various media throughout North America, it is ready for application once the blended media reach your job-site for metals treatment technologies.

  • Been used successfully over 150,000,000 square feet of lead paint
  • One Step Application
  • Pre-blended with various media
  • Ready to use on site after delivered
    • No additional labor
  • After use, waste is tested via TCLP to classify as non-hazardous
  • Can dispose as non-hazardous
    • Saves time and money
metals treatment technologies

More lead paint treatment technologies information Blastox®

Soil Remediation With Blastox® 215

Blastox 215®, it is a smaller particle size for more reactive surface area and used for metals treatment technologies on soil remediation projects. Due to the low dose rate and competitive pricing, Blastox® 215 is becoming an effective resource for many engineers and also project managers.

  • Used on thousands of tons of heavy metal contaminated soil
  • Long-term stability
  • Applied at low does rates
  • Waste always remains stable
  • Save you time and money making soil non-hazardous
  • Protect the environment from contamination
  • More information here: How to Deal With Lead in soil

Industrial Waste Stabilization With Bantox®

This was the first trademarked product of TDJ Group. Bantox® is used for lead stabilization and of other heavy metals that are produced thorough foundries and keeps them from leaching or being hazardous. Bantox® is a treatment technology used to stabilizes heavy metals through multiple mechanisms.

  • Chemical reactions
  • pH adjustment
  • Encapsulation

Bantox® metals treatment technologies complies with:

  • MEP
  • SPLP
  • Fresh Water Leach Tets
  • Lower dose rate than competition
  • Successfully stabilized 1,000,000 tons of hazardous waste
metals treatment technologies

Metals Treatment Technologies, Years of Proven Use

Here at The TDJ Group, we specialize in performance grade work and the function of our product with simple use. TDJ is a top treatment technologies in our market for over 30 years and assisted the metal casting industry, lead paint sandblasting and soil remediation in stabilization of heavy metals. We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to satisfy our customer and keep your satisfaction as a top priority.