43 Workers Test Positive for Lead at WI Shipyard

A law suite against a WI Fraser shipyard continues on behalf of 43 workers exposed to high levels of lead exposure. The refurbishment job was halted after testing performance indicated the presence of lead on the ship. Many workers on the site tested positive for high blood lead levels.

OSHA proposed a $1.4 million fine over the exposure of lead, asbestos and other toxins but after some negotiations the fines were reduced to $700,000.

The plaintiffs allege that the defendants “knew that, without a doubt, workers were going to be exposed to toxins,” but “none of the workers were ever told they were going to be exposed to toxins.” According to the complaints, this was “not the first instance of misconduct” in relation to the Herbert C. Jackson job, and it “involved profits taking precedence over safety.”

The suits argued that with the size of the project, Capstan company knew about the lead and toxin abatement but decided to “line-out” the abatement work because it represented to great a cost.

After the OSHA testing that uncovered lead paint in March of 2016, Fraser offered blood testing to workers on the job.

According to local news reports, some employees said their blood lead levels tested at 42 to 46 micrograms/dL, considered by the Centers for Disease Control to be “elevated” levels, but under the 50 micrograms/dL level at which OSHA requires workers to be removed from a lead-exposure situation.

After lead levels were found in a small amount of employees, more testing found that over 75 percent of 120 employees who were tested had elevated blood lead levels. According to OSHA, some workers were exposed to lead at up to 20 times permissible levels.

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