Video: Proper Sampling Methods Of A Waste Pile

proper sampling


This video shows you the various methods of how to take a proper sample of a waste pile used for testing. 



Who is The TDJ Group?
eliminating lead

The TDJ Group, Inc. is a manufacturer of cost-effective, proprietary chemicals, which are used to stabilize heavy metal wastes for a wide range of industry, including:

  • Soil remediation
  • Foundry/metal casting
  • Smelting
  • Lead paint abatement
  • Wire chopping
  • Metal recovery
  • Industrial waste recycling

Regardless of waste type, all of TDJ Chemistries have been performance tested & validated for long-term stability by EPA, Federal Highway Administration and the US Department of Defense.

Blastox® for one step LEAD ABATEMENT click here: Lead Abatement

Blastox® for SOIL REMEDIATION click here: Soil Remediation 

Bantox® for FOUNDRY WASTE click here: Industrial Waste

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