SSPC Trade Show Trade Show In New Orleans


The Society for Protective Coatings

New Orleans

January 15-18th 2018

Come stop by TDJ’s booth # 1000 to discuss any upcoming sandblasting projects that involve lead abatement steps during the show! We’d love to discuss your project to determine if Blastox® can make it more cost-effective. Blastox® is beneficial when stabilizing heavy metals during sandblasting projects. It is mixed in with the abrasive being used for the project and when used on the structure, Blastox® will encapsulate the hazardous metals rendering them non-hazardous for cheaper disposal. paint

Benefits of Blastox®:

  • Proven Long-Term Stability
  • Low Dose Rates
  • Competitive Pricing 


Product Description: Blastox® is a patented, fine granular, complex calcium silicate-based additive for stabilizing heavy metals including lead and cadmium. Applications include heavy metal-contaminated soil treatment, lead abatement with sandblasting projects, brass spent molding sand stabilization and furnace emissions waste stabilization.


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