Webinar: Stabilizing Heavy Metals in Soil

TDJ Group: Blastox 215 Webinar

Heavy Metal Stabilization for Soil Remediation Projects

25 min: Mon Sep, 25th at 10:00 AM CST.

Please join TDJ Experts with our webinar on stabilizing heavy metal contaminates in soil remediation projects.

This webinar will explore the process in which to convert hazardous waste to non-hazardous waste for disposal savings. Main topics will include:

  • Review Lead and other heavy metal stabilization methods
  • Discuss why stabilizing heavy metals with Blastox 215 makes for cheaper disposal
  • On-site mixing methods
  • Soil contaminated case study using Blastox 215

Contaminated Soil Treatment

If the contamination levels are moderate and the metals can be treated, consider remediation options. One common treatment methods is stabilization. Stabilization is a simple solution for treatment of such wastes to prevent leaching using a product called Blastox 215.

What is Blastox 215

Blastox® 215 is used for soil stabilization on soil remediation projects. Its smaller particle size provides more reactive surface which is beneficial when stabilizing heavy metals for contaminated soil remediation projects.

Who We Are

The TDJ Group is a pioneer, an innovator and leader in the development of chemistries used for industrial waste treatment. We manufacturer a cost-effective, proprietary chemical, that is used to stabilize heavy metal wastes for a wide range of industry, including soil remediation. 

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