Molding of The Worlds Largest Swinging Bell

Polish Foundry Castes Worlds Biggest Swinging Bell


The polish foundry Metalodlew SA has began preparation of a 50 ton bell, Vox Patris, that will be hung in Trindade, Brazil from the new tower, Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father. The bell is being done by Jan Felczynski’s Bell Foundry from Przernysl in partner with Cracow foundry Metalodlew SA.

The bell will take the record for the largest swinging bell in the world, out weighing the current swinging bell by 14 tons. The current record bell, Gotenba Bell from Japan is 36 tons.

The core and bell are still being finalized. The construction is placed in a large 7.5m wide and 5.5m deep casing hole in one of the foundry bays at Metalodlew SA. The details and images that will be molded with the bell tell the story of the basilica in the Brazilian Trindade from the start of 1840.

The molding will be placed in the ground during the winter months to evenly and slowly cool down the metal. Once the mold is cooled it will be cleaned and begin its long journey to Brazil. It will be hung in the newly built tower 100m up and will be ready in 2020 for all visitors to see.

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