Flint, Michigan: The Tip of the Iceberg

Lead-Poisoning: Going Beyond Flint

 lead poisoningWith the mind blowing results of Flint, Michigan and the lead poisoning scandal, its coming out now that Flint isn’t the only city drastically effected by high levels of lead.

The CDC collected data showing that over 40% of states reported to have higher lead results in children than in Flint. 4 percent of children in Flint were tested with high levels of lead.

Elsewhere there were about 12 states that reported great percentages.

  • Pennsylvania being one of the most alarming with 8.5 percent of children were tested with dangerously high levels of lead
  • New Jersey had 11 cities reported higher levels than Flint
  • New York city of Rochester reported 7.4 percent
  • 24 million homes still reported to contain lead-based paint
  • 143,000 reported deaths world wide
  • 600,000 new cases of intellectual disabilities in children

CDC statistics on children effect by lead poisoning since 1997

 lead poisoning

National Concern

Even with falling levels of lead exposure, it is extremely important to keep the effort going to help those levels going down. There is a total of 27 states that reported children with high levels of lead. Its been difficult for the CDC to determine the exact amount of children exposed due to the low amount of kids actually being test.

For example in Texas, only 184 kids were tested for lead levels. The population for kids in Texas under six exceeds 2 million.

Sources of Lead Poisoning 

  • Old house hold items
  • Paint peeling inside or outside older homes
  • Soil contamination from factory emissions
  • Dust from sandblasting projects on old structures
  • Old water pipes

 lead poisoning

Time to Prevent Exposure

With a new found concern for controlling the exposure of lead, we need to find solutions to prevent lead contamination. We also need to start working on more extensive testing of kids and adults across the US to get a better understating of how massive this problem is.

Simple things to prevent exposure:

  • Washing hands after being exposed
  • Getting rid of old toys
  • Running cold water with older pluming
  • Keeping away from soil exposed to factory emissions
  • Renovating home if painted with lead paint

Also working on banning lead paint all together will be a huge step to making lead poisoning a thing of the past. If we want to see this problem go away, we need to keep it a relevant issue and work till its eliminated.

TDJ Group and Our Solution  lead poisoning

After years of these issues going on, we decided to make a stop to the madness. That is when Blastox® and Bantox® was brought to light and used in:

  • Lead paint abatement
  • Soil remediation
  • Foundries waste stabilization.

It is a chemically base product that allows for the stabilization of heavy metals like lead and others to a non-hazardous waste. This not only allows the waste to be disposed as non-hazardous but it protects the environment and the people from exposure.

Blastox® for one step lead abatement click here: Lead Abatement

Blastox® for soil remediation click here: Soil Remediation 

Bantox® for foundry waste click here: Industrial Waste

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