Lead Paint: Makes Top of OSHA Violations

Lead Paint is Now the Top Violation in OSHA Eyes

Lead is now OSHA top priority when it comes to violations of the construction industry’s lead paint standard. In past years there were totals of 1,483 citations issued to painting contractors, 221 were for violating the paint standards. These violations totaled approximately $815,000.

The OSHA’s count only includes federally issued citations not including those at the state level. The types of painters that fall under this classification for OSHA standards are listed below:lead paint

  • Bridge painting contractors,
  • Electrostatic painting on site (including lockers and fixtures)
  • Contractors who paint buildings and other structures (except roof contractors)
  • Ship painting contractors
  • Traffic lane painting contractors
  • Paper hanging contractors
  • House painting contractors
  • Whitewashing contractors

The table on the right show the most frequently cited standard violations among painting contractors. You can see that lead has now made the top of the list with a big fine if violated.

TDJ Group: How We Prevent Lead

Here at TDJ Group, we specialize in specifics of industrial waste stabilization. We work on not only stabilization of lead and other metals but work on making the process as simple as you can get.


One Step Lead Abatement With Blastox®

Our lead abatement product, Blastox®, is used in a one step application process while sand blasting off the hazardous paint during sand blasting projects.

  • Been used successfully over 150,000,000 square feet of lead paintLead Stabilization
  • One Step Application
  • Pre-blended with various media
  • Ready to use on site when delivered
    • No additional labor
  • After use, waste is tested via TCLP to classify as non-hazardous
  • Can dispose as non-hazardous
    • Saves time and money
More information here: Blastox®

Years of Proven Use

Here at The TDJ Group, we specialize in performance grade work and the function of our product with simple use. We have been a top product in our market for over 30 years and assisted the metal casting industry, lead paint sandblasting and soil remediation in stabilization of heavy metals. We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to satisfy our customer and keep your satisfaction as a top priority.

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