Eliminating Lead: World Wide Issue

Eliminating Lead: A World Wide Issue

Most developing countries have no regulations governing the use of lead paint or eliminating lead in a recent study done.

2016 report by “Global Report on the Status of Legal Limits on Lead in Paint” says, 36 percent of countries around the world have started to put binding limits on lead in paint. With the slow start to these new regulations, making the 2020 goal of no lead will be a push for some countries.

Exposure eliminating lead

In developing countries there are still a lot of structures that contain lead paint.

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Other Buildings

These structures are being tested and coming up with lead levels of 10,000 to 100,000 parts per million. To give a perspective the U.S. limits lead in paint to no more than 90 parts per million.

Findings eliminating lead

Fifty three of the countries that were assessed in the study established labeling requirements were only seventeen of these countries required paint be certified and tested for lead content.

Even after all the finding and facts of leads harm to people, there are still countries that allow for lead paint to be manufactured, exported, imported and sold.

Of the countries assessed, twenty of them have enacted voluntary limits on lead paint use.

Countries like Bangladesh, India, Antigua and Barbuda are passing lead paint controls for use of the hazardous material.

The annual cost of lead being exposed to the public in mostly developing countries is upwards to $1 Trillion.

TDJ Group and Our Solution eliminating lead

After years of these issues going on, we decided to make a stop to the madness. That is when Blastox® and Bantox® was brought to light and used in:

  • Lead paint abatement
  • Soil remediation
  • Foundries waste stabilization.

It is a chemically base product that allows for the stabilization of heavy metals like lead and others to a non-hazardous waste. This not only allows the waste to be disposed as non-hazardous but it protects the environment and the people from exposure.

Blastox® for one step lead abatement click here: Lead Abatement

Blastox® for soil remediation click here: Soil Remediation 

Bantox® for foundry waste click here: Industrial Waste

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