China’s “Vanishing” Bridges

Read About China’s Plans for a “Vanishing” Bridge

The Zhangjajie National Forest in China was looking to innovate their walking trails and turned to a French firm called Martin Duplantier Architects to help with this idea. They came up with three bridges in the forest will use reflective materials to give off the image of the surrounding environment to give the sense of being in midair.

The material incorporated with the bridges are mirrored stainless steel and black stone that is reflective when wet. There is one bridge shaped like an elliptical disk allowing a view from below the bridge through an off center hole in the middle. The hole provides for a daring seat allowing people to sit on the edge with only a net below for safety.

Another bridge has a regular walkway going across a gorge on one level. beneath is a net that stretches the length of the bridge encouraging walkers to take advantage of the feeling of floating in midair.

The third bridge has a layer of water on a decking area of black stone creating a reflective effect calling the bridge, “water mirror”. Also, every seven minutes spray nozzles coat the structure to create an artificial view of clouds in the mountains.

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TDJ Group: How We Help

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