Article on Keystone XL Pipeline Approval by the US

United States Passed Approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL Pipeline

On March 24th, President Donald J. Trump’s administration reversed the previous decision about the 1,179 mile long Keystone XL pipeline choosing to move forward with the project.

The pipeline project is part of TransCanada and the larger Keystone system, much of which is built already. The pipeline is designed to transport oil from Hardisty, Alberta, in western Canada down to Steele City, Nebraska.

President Trump signed a series of presidential memorandum allowing TransCanada to re-apply for federal permission on the pipeline. He suggested that TransCanada be required to build the 36-inch pipeline from all US made steel.

The administration later clarified the rule on American materials for pipelines would apply only to new pipelines. TransCanada officials came out and said they would not only use American steel on the new pipeline but they would increase the amount of US materials used. They would replace 200 miles of pipeline that is already purchased then re purposed with pipeline made in the US.

TransCanada applied last month for state approval to route the Keystone XL Pipeline through Nebraska. The pipeline will also go through Montana and South Dakota. State approvals will also be needed to run through those states.

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