The TDJ Group, Inc. is a manufacturer of cost-effective, proprietary chemicals, which are used to stabilize heavy metal wastes for a wide range of industry, including soil remediation, foundry/metal casting, smelting, lead paint abatement, wire chopping, metal recovery and industrial waste recycling. In addition to stabilizing heavy metals in solid waste streams, our products assist in controlling acid gasses such as SO2 (sulfur dioxide) and HCL (hydrochloric acid). Chemistries have been performance tested & validated for long-term stability by EPA, Federal Highway Administration and the US Department of Defense. Whether it’s lead paint waste, hazardous soils or manufacturing by-product wastes, TDJ chemistries have stabilized many types of heavy metals including lead, cadmium, chromium, barium, arsenic and selenium.

Industrial Waste Stabilization

Bantox® is a family of patented, powdered, complex calcium silicate based products used to stabilize various heavy metals including lead, cadmium and chromium. They are used in a wide variety of industrial stabilization applications, including iron & steel foundry furnace emissions (baghouse dust), spent molding sands and shot blast waste. Bantox is currently available through our distribution network.

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Bantox® for Industrial Waste Stabilization.

Lead Paint Abatement

Blastox® is a patented, granular, calcium-silicate based abrasive blasting additive used to stabilize lead in various industrial paints. By stabilizing the spent abrasive waste, Blastox® allows the waste to be classified as non-hazardous so that it can be disposed of in a subtitle D landfill at a significant savings. It is available pre-blended with most abrasive media.

Blastox® does not require mixing, metering or additional application steps at the job site. As a result, this One Step Lead Abatement technology eliminates additional labor costs that other techniques require.

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Blastox® for Lead Paint Abatement.

Soil Remediation

Blastox® 215 is a patented, fine granular calcium-silicate based reagent for stabilizing heavy metals, including lead & cadmium. Blastox® 215 is applied at very low dose rates, is competitively priced, and provides independently proven long term stability that other stabilization additives cannot.

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Blastox® 215 for Soil Remediation.